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Custom Meat Processing for Hunters and Farmers Alike

The grasslands and mountains of Wyoming are magical places, supporting a diverse wildlife that offers hunters and farmers a wealth of prize meats. 307 Processing and Sausage offers custom game and livestock meat processing services that deliver the finest cuts for maximum flavor.

Processors and consumers alike benefit from the age old Wyoming traditions of wholesome products that combine the values of the land, from nutrition to sustainable growth. With safe and delicious flavors, experience the power of tradition the Wyoming way.

A Family Tradition of the Freshest Meat Processing

307 Processing and Sausage was created in 2019 after a long family tradition of meat processing.

With over five decades of experience in the industry, the team has a wealth of talent in producing the finest meats that Byron has to offer. With a strong commitment to freshness, we treat game meat and livestock with the respect it deserves in order to produce the highest quality meats that you will find in Wyoming.

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The Old Fashioned Way

Custom Meat Processing for Hunters and Farmers Alike

At 307 Processing and Sausage, our only goal is to deliver quality meats to our customers. We do things the old fashioned way, producing a time tested product that harnesses the beauty of the Byron, Wyoming region

We take particular pride in our cuts, ensuring that every bite is perfection. From jerky, bacon, ham steaks to beef steaks and sausages, the dedication in our treatment and curing of the meats results in an experience you will never forget. With affordable prices and delivery to locations within the Big Horn Basin, it has never been easier to experience true flavor.

Call Today for the Finest Meats in Byron, Wyoming

Call Today for the Finest Meats in Byron, Wyoming

307 Processing and Sausage invites you to experience the magic of Wyoming meat for yourself.

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